Wireless Connectivities


Ubilink is a new generation end-to-end Short Range Narrow Band RF communication solution base on LoRa PHY layer for Home based IoT application, in other word, by adopting Ubilink stack, ordinary LoRaWAN devices can be Ubilink protocol enabled.


Ubilink is primarily engineered to cater applications at entirely different scenario (Local Area in a radius of 300 meters) then the Wide Area (up to multiple Km of radius) which LoRaWAN is targeted to serve, Ubilink prioritized QoS by achieving ultra short response latency which is essential for good user experience when it comes to smarthome application. On the other hand Ubilink share with LoRaWAN the same level of security robustness and interference immunity.


Key distinguish features offered by Ubilink:

Flexible Topology

Ubilink can be deployed under conventional controller centric topology, or peer to peer topology without central controller in play, on demand, respectively known as Advance Mode (where central controller is in play) and Simple mode (which allow actuator device to direct respond to multiple peer sensor devices in range as simple and low cost solution.)

Future Proof Interoperability

In contrast to conventional controller oriented control approach, Ubilink application framework is designed for device driven command and reporting. Aka “Post defined Protocol”, polled by controller at initial pairing process.

As the name implied, the “controller” will learn from the device how to control it and understand reporting format from it during initial pairing session, hence the controller capability will never outdate and make “forward compatibility” feasible.