Wireless Connectivities


Ubilink is a new generation Short Range Narrow Band RF IoT communication solution for local area coverage,

Ubilink is primarily engineered to realise “forward compatible” multi-vendor interoperability,

Ubilink prioritized QoS by achieving short response latency with on-the-fly fault detection and correction, which is essential for the good user experience in smarthome & home security application.

In addition, Ubilink has highest level of data security and interference immunity by design.

Future Proof “Forward Compatible” Interoperability

In contrast to conventional approach, Ubilink defined a streamlined framework for “post device control profile acquisition”, control capability is acquired by controller from corresponding device at initial pairing process, as such we don’t need to have the controller knows “every device” when it’s manufactured, in this way the controller will never get outdated in its entire service life span, and user has ZERO burden for system upgrade.

Ubilink is an Open Source project, literally all existing “Lora enabled hardware” can be Ubilink protocol enabled.