The Best DIY water leak damage Prevention solution, install in 20 seconds without any tool

7,200+ U.S. homes suffer preventable water damage. Every. Single. Day …!

Ubilink is the latest and one of the most sophisticated IoT wireless technology that designed for a full spectrum of users.
Starting with the Simple Mode for the customer that doesn’t require the necessary technology expansion of smart home integration. If you are in need of a simple device that will sense water and wirelessly shuts the main water valve off to avoid a flood then this is the best place to start.
The benefit of the Ubilink is the technological advancements inside the unit allow for the conversion to Smart Home capabilities if the Simple Mode customers decides they would like that integration.
It is easy to do.

CUSTOS Ubilink

Choose: Simple Low Tech Solution 

  • Whole House protection
  • Deploy anywhere poised for risk of water leaks
  • No app needed, works out of the box
  • Approx. 1000’communication range

Choose: Full blown Smarthome platform:

  • Ubilink App stack @LoraWAN MAC
  • Supports AquaScope or Ubilink compatible gateway
  • Cloud/App/IFTTT support,
  • Remote access + push message
  • PLC bridge (aka Comm box) for wired system integration & field service (supports USB, RS-232 and RS-485)

Upgrade options:

  • Wifi Control Gateway(WCG)
  • Smart Power Capsule (SPC)
  • Wide range of smart home devices

Visual Identifier

  • Knobs in blue