The Best DIY Water Leak Damage Prevention Solution, install in 20 seconds without any tool

7,200+ U.S. homes suffer preventable water damage. Every. Single. Day …!

Our Story

Ubitech Limited is an international team of hardware engineers, software developers & product designers from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Germany, and Turkey. Our mission and focus are on creating a robust 360 degree proactive Leak damage prevention Solution, that is 100% non-invasive, and 100% non-intrusive.


There is amazing potential for effective smart leak water DAMAGE prevention solutions and yet there are a limited amount of homes, homeowners, and real estate investors that are using these products to protect their investments. Based on the insurance statistic: the chance for an average home to be destroyed in a fire is 10%, while the chance for the same home to be destroyed by a water-related loss is over 25%.


We identified several reasons for this gap: First and foremost, People may be concerned and apprehensive about the cost of hiring a professional plumber and cutting pipes. Hence, our development of one of the best water leak damage prevention systems possible offers innovative technologies and super-easy DIY installation at an affordable price. With our innovative and patented mechanic design, our water valve servo can cover the ball valve, gate valve, and KFR valve and can be installed by the average person in a matter of minutes.

Our Locations

Hong Kong

Where our HQ and Sr. software development team is located.


Shenzhen is the worldwide leading location for electronics trading and development. Our hardware, mechanic and production engineer team is located near Costal City in Nanshan district.


Our partner development team in Europe mainly for Aquascope.

Business Partners

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