Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, the damage can be caused almost immediately. This is why a proactive solution to stop ruining your home from water leaking is very important.

There are damages that can happen as soon as you notice the water damage. However, there are also negative effects that you will experience as days and weeks go by. This is especially true if you left the water damage untreated.

The Common Causes of Water Leakage

Whenever excess water stays in an area where they are not meant to be found in, you can be certain that there is water damage in your home. However, there are different reasons why water damage is happened in your home. Common causes can be wears and tears of plumbing or by a fortuitous event, you may not avoid the water leakage happen in your home but the good news is, with Custos you can be reassured you can avoid a costly water damage.

A. Broken Plumbing System and Pipes

A major cause of water damage to your property is the broken pipelines or plumbing. Broken plumbing commonly occurs when your pipes are older since they are prone to cracking.

In addition to this, broken pipes can also be caused by the weather. When it is too cold, the pipelines can burst, which can lead to further water damage. There are also times when a human error causes broken plumbing system. This is common when there is a construction that is undergoing because these types of machinery can cause cracks and collapse of broken plumbs and pipes.

B. Water Buildup in Areas Prone to Flooding

There are certain spaces in your home that are really prone to water damage. These spaces are your basement, attic, gutters, and other spaces that are deep and shallow like your roof gutter. This is because it catches more water and it will be able to keep the water in a certain area for a long time, which can cause water damage.

On top of that, these areas of your home are barely noticeable and rarely frequented, which is why it is too late before we notice the water damage issue. There are times when you suddenly wonder why the structure of your home has suddenly weakened or collapsed. You may also be surprised as to why there is suddenly moisture on your floor and ceiling.

C. Faulty Household Appliances

One other cause of water damage is household appliances that are malfunctioning. The appliances that you should always be wary of are your washing machine and dishwasher. However, you should also check your air conditioning, dehumidifier, heater, and refrigerator.

Since most of these appliances contain water, it is easy to understand that they can overflow when they are faulty or malfunctioning. When these appliances are unattended, the water will overflow and create a pool of water. This can cause severe water damage to your appliance and the areas proximate to the machinery.

Water Damage

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